Book Review: The Sun is also a Star By : Nicola Yoon

“Hearts are not made
Of glass
Of bone
Or any material that could
Or fragment
Or shatter
They don’t
Crack Into Pieces
They don’t
Fall apart.
Hearts don’t break.
They just stop working.
An old watch from another time and no parts to fix it.”

I had a hard time reading this book and enjoying it as a whole. I didn’t like the short chapters. As soon I started to understand what was going on. The chapter ended and moved into a different viewpoint or completely different part of the story.
At the end of the book I felt like it was good story. But also wasn’t a fan of the ending of the book. I want to know what happened with Natasha and Daniel. I hate having to create my own ending in my head.
So those are the reasons I only gave it a 3 star rating. I was a little disappointed because so many people loved this book and I didn’t.


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