Book Review: Wait For It by M. O’Keefe


Wait For It

I can’t believe I kept putting off reading this one. I thought I needed to read the other ones in the series first. And didn’t realize it could be a stand alone.
Tiffany, the mother of 3 children, has an abusive ex and has finally left him for good. Blake, the abusive ex’s brother, wants to do anything to keep Tiffany and her children away from him and his mother, including paying her off.
Now that her ex has found her and destroyed her apartment. She snuck her kids out the window and went to her friends house where she runs into Blake.
Now Blake has seen the real Tiffany and not the money hungry whore he thought she was. He wants to help her. But the only way he knows is with money.
Both Tiffany and Blake have many walls to break down and lots of trust issues to overcome in order for them to work.
This was such a great read. Tiffany is such a strong woman to have gone through everything she has and has kept her children safe.
Loved the ending. I’m so glad I picked this one to read.
Thanks NetGalley for providing me with an ARC.


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