Book Review: Ignited by J. Kenner

Everyone has secrets. Some worse than others. Some dangerous if people find out their secrets.
Kat and Cole both live their lives full of secrets. It’s when they share them with each other is when the fully trust the other. Knowing what they share could ruin their love.
Dangerous territory. Trying to seduce your best friends husbands friend. What happens if it doesn’t work? Do u risk breaking up the circle of friends?
Kat has finally decided she is gonna seduce bad-boy Cole for at least one night. Her plan backfired and she ended up falling in love with someone that is full of angst. Is love worth it??

“As far as eye candy went, Cole was a walking, talking Milky Way bar, and at least as tempting.”

Cole the last single knight has been itching to get his hands on Kat. But he feels she too innocent for him and he doesn’t want to dirty her with his lifestyle. What he doesn’t realize is that Kat is the perfect woman for him.

“Take me, hurt me. Don’t you see? I’m giving myself to you- wholly and completely. You can have me any way you want me.”

Another great read by J. Kenner.


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