Book Review: Outlaw Parts1-3 The Harrison Street Crew by Katana Collins

Great start to what seems like is gonna turn into an awesome story. This one book separated into 3 parts.
Michelle is the ADA that is lead on a case involving the HSC. While she is gathering evidence against the Club, a man is murdered and tossed into a dumpster.
The lead suspect is the Vice President of the HSC. Patrick joined the Club right after his brother died and he was lost and looking for a place to belong. The Club is basically a gang that is involved in a lot of illegal activities.
Patrick has a total hard on for Michelle and can’t seem to think about much else but getting into her pants. Someone is trying to frame him for murder and the evidence is pointing to him.
I totally loved how this book started off. And loved how the ending was a total cliff hanger.
Glad I was able to read this all as one book. I would wait till all 3 parts are out to read this one.
The relationship between Michelle and Patrick was a little weird in part 3 for me. They would go from hugging, to Michelle punching Patrick in the face, to kissing. It was hard to imagine this as a real relationship.
I liked the suspense of not knowing who was setting Patrick up for murder until the end. It made you keep reading waiting for a clue.
I will def keep my eye out for the next HSC book so I can see what happens next.
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.


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