Ruthie Knox

Only 2.5 Stars for me 😢
This started off as such a great story. But it kind of burned out halfway through. I continued reading and finished it hoping it would get better towards the end. But I was a little disappointed.
This one started off as a cute and funny read. Allie was in NYC spying on her mother in a bar. She used Winston to block herself from her mothers view. And met him by licking his teeth. Then they continued on by making a to do list of romantic and sexual experiences. They started to check off the list and got to know each other very well in a short amount of time.
The main character Allie drove me nuts during this book. She would act very outgoing and passionate person. But then pushed Winston away anytime they started to get close. She was so hot and cold during their sexual encounters.
Then the story got a bit stagnant. It turned into a sappy family drama that never ended. I was just ready to finish the book by that point.
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.


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