4.5 Stars ✨

Tell Me a Story: Episode One
Tamara Lush

The beginning of the Emma and Caleb story. Great start to what seems is going to be an awesome series.

Emma is a bookstore owner in Orlando. She does certain events to draw customers in to try and save her bookstore. One of her events is called a Story Brothel. It is where a person can pay another to read them a story. But things take a steamy turn when a handsome, urbane businessman hires Emma for a session in a private cabana. Daringly, she shares with him a reading of her erotica. Emma’s wondering what kind of lover is underneath his expensive suit.

Caleb is a real estate billionaire. And has decided that Emma is who he wants. They spend all their time together, with him opening up to her. But Emma can’t seem to share her past of growing up poor with him.

Are they gonna be able to move past this hurdle?

Definitely will continue the story with the next book Tell Me a Desire: Episode Two

Thanks NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair review.

Available now as a complete story for only $0.99


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