Delayed Call ( Assassins #11)

This one started off real funny. Vaughn is a hockey player for the Assassins and Brie is the Assassins reporter. They have a total hate relationship for each other. The banter between them is so funny. They both have the wrong impression of each other and both thinks the other is an entitled asshole.
Even though you know Brie and Vaughn are gonna hook up. It takes them forever of fighting their attraction to finally do something about it. But when they do, it’s hot and sexy and it’s too much emotion for Vaughn so he pushes her away.
Their back and forth relationship is so frustrating. But it’s part of what makes you keep reading.
And the asshole stuff that Vaughn pulls really makes you hate him at times. But the fights between them are pretty honest and I love Brie’s fiery attitude and how she stands up for herself.

” You don’t want to be in a relationship?”


“But you yearn for me? Need me? Want me? All that other jazz?”

” I do.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

” No I meant everything I said.”

“But you don’t want more than to fucking fuck me? Is that all that I am, a fucking fuck? You like me enough to fuck me, and spit some good game, but I’m not good enough to have a relationship with.”

I absolutely love how Brie takes care of her younger brother with Down Syndrome. And how that bring Brie and Vaughn closer together.
Vaughn has a couple of different sides to him. He can be a cocky jackass, super sexy and sweet, and the fun loving friend. You just never know what your gonna get.

This was such a crazy cute romance. I loved it from beginning to end. And throughout the story the author teased us with hopefully her next story. And I can’t wait for that one to come out.

Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.


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