Book Review: Santino the Eternal by Sam J.D.Hunt

Santino The Eternal
The Eternals #1
Sam J.D. Hunt

Pretty cool vampire – supernatural type read. The more I read the more I liked this one. I wasn’t too sure as I started reading but I became pretty attached fairly quickly.
Santino is an Eternal aka Vampire and Clara is a housekeeper in his hotel. Clara comes across a dead body in one of the rooms she’s cleaning. Santino befriends her and tells her a story about it being a fake body. But he felt chemistry between them and so then he decides he has to make her his.
Clara doesn’t want to become an Eternal so that causes problems between them.
But there is a serial killer that appears to be framing Santino. Or at least that is what he tells Clara.
This turned out to be a pretty good story. And it leads into the next book in the series.
Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.

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