4 Stars ✨✨✨✨


Cassie Mae

Very sweet and emotional story. I really enjoyed the majority of this book. The cover is super cute too.

Kennedy is visiting her deceased boyfriend, Jared’s hometown to scatter his ashes. She has held on to his ashes for about a year and a half. Now she feels she’s ready to let go.
She works up the nerve to hit on this super hot guy on the train. But he tells her he’s not interested because he’s gay.
Once she arrives at Jareds sisters house she sees super hot train guy kissing some girl in the driveway. So she lays into him about lying to her only to find out that it was the guy’s twin she rode with on the train.
So now she is attracted to this super hot straight guy, Aaron. And she feels super guilty for being attracted to Aaron esp when she finds out he used to be best friends with Jared.
Aaron falls head over heels for Kennedy but fights it because she’s Jared’s.
So the two of them go back and forth with the guilt of them betraying Jared.
I enjoyed this but was a little depressing at times.
Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with the arc in exchange for my honest opinion.


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