Talk about an emotional roller coaster with this one. Lots of lows and a few highs. Crazy amount of issues with both main characters which totally make you fall for both of them. You will feel all kinds of emotions for both of these guys.
Daniel is in the military, was raised in a homophobic family, and is afraid that when he comes out to his parents they will disown him.
Colin, the ex porn star turned tattoo artist, has a lot of emotional issues including an eating disorder in which he starves himself and works out till he passes out.
The two of them meet at the gym and sparks fly. This is Daniels first relationship with another man. And they both fall for each other real fast.
Certain parts of this book made me so mad. I hate that Daniel felt he had to hide his true self from his parents. His parents should love him unconditionally no matter what. Times have changed and people should be more accepting of other people’s choices.
Really enjoyed reading this one. Was def an eye opener for me since it was my first m/m romance and my first L.A Witt book.
Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.


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