No Broken Bond
Secrets of Stone #7
Angel Payne and Victoria Blue

I was so surprised that this was book 7. I didn’t realize that when I requested it. I had read book 1 and just assumed this was book 2. I really wish I had read the other books before reading this one. Because this appeared to be a continuation of the previous books. I was still able to catch on and enjoyed reading this one. And I still knew some of the characters from book 1 that made appearances in this one.
This was a pretty emotional read. The story involves lots of family dynamics. It shows how quickly your life can change. And how much you need people that love you to help you through the tough times.
I would definitely recommend this series to all my romance reader friends.

It’s just the beginning of what Fletcher Ford and Drake Newland have done to my world—and my soul—since igniting my desires, answering my dreams and filling every inch of my heart. I am rocked. Changed. Freed. A woman in love…

With two incredible men.


Not that the adjustment has been easy, and not just for my orthodox family. Falling for one dazzling, commanding billionaire is complicated enough. Wading through dysfunctions, judgments and emotional baggage from all sides, we’re searching for the perfect balance of our love, and nearly find it, when disaster slams again—threatening to permanently cripple us this time.


With our bond in shreds and our spirits in tatters, can we find the glue to keep our bond intact, our love whole? Are we broken…or just bent? Do we have the courage to find out?

Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.


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